My husband and I were part of Canto Deo when it was beginning, but we moved out of state soon thereafter. When he died, I realized how much I missed singing. That void in my life influenced my decision to move back to the Denver area. There is such joy in singing with others who present music which glorifies God by its excellence as well as in its message. I am thankful for this privilege.


Canto Deo is a joyful joining of voices to enjoy and glorify God.


Offering the sacrifice of praise, as a member of Canto Deo, has been a conduit of Our Father’s love to me. During a crippling season of grief and transition, memorizing and singing the Words of Scripture soothed my soul and stirred forward momentum for my journey. I truly felt the Lord inhabiting the praises of His people. It is an adventure each season to welcome new voices, and sit among dear friends whose sound we know, love and trust.


Singing in adult church choirs has been part of my life since my teen years, and I have been privileged to be in several excellent ones over the years. Canto Deo tops my list of great choirs.


I am a piano teacher in my home and am active in the Music Teachers National Association. I’ve sung my whole life: high school, college and church choirs. I’ve been to several Canto Deo concerts and that experience was so wonderful I wanted to join.


I am so excited to be a part of Canto Deo with my husband and grandparents. I sang through high school and college and look forward to continuing.


I am a dietitian at a nearby hospital and I wanted to sing with Canto Deo because I love beautiful sacred music! I’ve been singing my whole life and joined my first church choir when I was 11 years old.


I am glad to be singing with Canto Deo; the musicianship of the group is outstanding and I am pleased to join others in sharing beautiful sacred music.


Canto Deo is a very fun group of vocalists that love using music to praise God and bless the listeners. The rehearsals were very well run and efficient and the choir learned their parts quickly. The concerts were held at convenient venues, were well attended, and very enjoyable to perform. I’m looking forward to the next season.


Canto Deo has given me the opportunity to connect with people of other faith formations in a collaborative positive way. The rich spiritual music Canto Deo strives to preserve highlights our commonalities beautifully.


As a charter member of Canto Deo, I have seen many new members join and learn that this choir is more than singing. It is a family of people truly dedicated to singing to a very high standard as well as preserving our heritage of sacred choral music.


I sing both in the Canto Deo Festival and Chamber choirs. I have sung as a bass under the direction of Jonathan Brown now for over 18 yrs. I enjoy the diversity of music styles and types from sacred hymns to gospel and spirituals that Canto Deo brings to the choral music world.


I mainly stay home with my daughter, and also work two days a week as a social worker in health care. I am excited to sing with Canto Deo because I love music and the joy it brings. I grew up with music and sang in high school.


I have been deeply enriched by the tradition of great Christian sacred choral music in Canto Deo and by the standard of musicianship accompanying its preparation and performance. Something extraordinary happens with good theology and good music come together. I think we get a taste of heaven.


Singing with Canto Deo has been a rich and rewarding experience; it’s a joy to sing God’s praises with friends, as well as our esteemed directors, who share the same passion for sacred choral music.